Welcome to MQWeb

Make it possible to Administrate your Websphere MQ environment with your favorite browser or programming language. That's the ultimate goal of MQWeb. You can use MQWeb App, but you can use any programming language that supports HTTP and JSON to write your own application.

HTTP Daemon

The core of MQWeb is an HTTP daemon written in C++ using the POCO project. Based on the URI, the daemon will return WebSphere MQ information as JSON objects. Read more on which API's are already available.

Why MQWeb ?

  • It's fast

    It's written in C++ and uses the MQ API's directly.

  • It's easy to install

    One executable, one configuration file. There is no need to install an application server, JVM, ... It can run on Windows as a service, on Linux as a background process, ...

  • It's easy to use

    Instead of using PCF commands, you can use the REST API's of MQWeb to get information about WebSphere MQ objects. MQWeb hides the complexity of PCF for you. You can write tools in any language that supports HTTP and JSON. Or develop web interfaces. MQWebApp is a sample.

  • It's open source

    MQWeb is open source and uses the MIT License.. You can fork the github repository, change code, create pull requests, ...

Third Party Software

  • POCO

    POCO is used to write the portable HTTP server in C++.

  • CMake

    CMake can also be used to build MQWeb.


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